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"Move on already."

I hate it when people tell me that. I find it simply appalling because that is the worst advice you could possibly give me. Have you ever thought about putting yourself into my position? It’s clear, that you don’t. You don’t know how I feel deep inside about a certain someone. You have no idea how much I feel pain. You think that advice can be easily done? No. It takes a long process to heal a heart if you actually loved that person.

Motherfucking this!

And the whole notion of “my time” coming “at some point” if I “work hard” is bullshit. I want success now. I want it fast. I want it because it is dangled in front of my face instead of just the idea of it being mentioned in conversations from afar. My ambition has grown fangs and legs and claws and it has become greedy and impatient By “Upon Returning Home for the Weekend After a Year in NYC: 5 Realizations and Reflections" by Brianne García

I think the kids born between 88-94 are the best generation. They’ve gotten to grow up with technology, but not the overwhelming amount that today’s youth are exposed to.
Plus, we all know 90s cartoons were the shit. By

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Make it 85-94 :)

I was talking to my sister about this the other day. I firmly believe that being a child right now really sucks, because the obsession with growing up too fast that I see in kids right now is horrible.

I mean, a 9 year old kid shouldn’t own a Blackberry, come on!