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"Artistry". Harper’s Bazaar USA. September 1993.

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"Hue New", Allure US, September 1995
Photographer : Miles Aldridge
Model : Trish Goff

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"Round The Clock", Vogue UK, September 1997
Photographer : Arthur Elgort
Models : Karen Elson & Unknown

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We explore the enduring appeal of leopard print in this week’s issue, led by beguiling actress Amber Heard wearing the season’s sultriest looks.

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"Alta Ironia", Vogue Spain, December 1991
Photographer : Karl Lagerfeld
Model : Christy Turlington 

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The scarf it’s not only red and white, it has more colours. It was a gift from my wife. I have plenty of scarfs, although I wish I hadn’t.

Tito Vilanova, in answer to the most stupid and senseless question ever (aka if his scarf was to celebrate ATM’s victory). (via trolling-tito)

si hablan paja…

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Ponte algo!

My grandmother lived near this old woman, who always gave me the creeps everytime she showed up at her house. Sinister-ish look, very dark skinned, with long house dresses and her hair tied in a bun. She had big rings in every finger and long natural nails (long before this acrylic falsies craze I don’t get)

Her granddaughter was a total bitch to me, by the way. Destroyed a couple of my Barbie dolls.

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