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Unless we educate our citizens about the true physical nature of these serious mental illnesses, which are at the root of these unbearable tragedies, families will continue to be blamed and vilified as the creator of the insanity which causes these unthinkable actions.. Schizophrenia, manic depression and related psychoses are no-fault chronic, biological brain diseases. They are not caused by bad parents, or any other of the myriad of imagined, unscientific, misleading social views promulgated in a society by professionals who have not kept up to date on recent scientific findings on serious mental illnesses.Their ignorance reaps more sorrow for loving families, who might think they might have done something wrong which caused these tragedies to occur.. By Killers’ Families Left to Confront Fear and Shame -

That extremely awkward moment when HBO’s Autopsy shows a case of a woman murdering her husband, and afterwards, they air an ad for

Warning: May contain graphic images and a, rather disturbing, heavy breathing sound; after all, it is HBO’s Autopsy.

Oh! And please, people, have some common sense, and do not watch this series at night or while eating. Seriously.